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Using Only Fans service as a provider and client – thorough overview

Only Fans is one of the more prominent online escort services

An escort service is nowadays a website that allows you to contact a person who actively offers pastime of mature or adult nature. You basically pay for sex or perhaps something else of this sort – the details can be ironed out when you contact a provider.

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OnlyFans Full Review

And PD is one of the many websites that act as an intermediary between you and whoever wants to offer such as pastime. Although the platform uses a lot of the tried and tested features from other similar brands, it’s also unique in many senses.

What is Only Fans, really?

PD is a website that mostly works with clients and providers from United States and Canada. 99%+ of their visitors are from the United States. It makes it a bit bizarre that this website was originally (and still is) meant for European users.

There are many hints to that.

  1. They claim it themselves of many occasions. Even the front page mentions that this website is registered in Switzerland and has servers all over Europe. Plus, the staff is mostly Dutch.
  2. The domain itself says ‘’. It’s a Swiss domain, which is actually a bit misleading. If they intended to use the website all over Europe, they might take a ‘.eu’ domain, but there were likely some technical problems with that.
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Overall, you would think that they are aiming at the European users – for instance, the Dutch and German clients, who enjoy this sort of entertainment. However, somehow the focus shifted onto the American audience. So, if you’re American – you’ll feel right at home.

It still doesn’t mean there won’t be any offers for Europeans. Although you wouldn’t hear much from the developers these days, it’s obvious they either plan to or at least have an idea to expand into Europe. So, keeps your ears to the ground.

Who is it available to?

Technically speaking, you would probably be able to contact a person that operates from Europe or even more distant places if they have a decent enough connection. The front page and most of the website only acknowledge the American and Canadian cities, but the advantage of this service is that it’s completely open.

You are soft-blocked to only browse the cities the website offers you, although it’s very much possible to find a European user for instance by using the extensive search settings.

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Available To Members

It’s not that it’s blocked in Europe – you can safely connect from any part of the world. Even placed like Saudi Arabia that block websites like this one might not have reached its yet, seeing how there are many lower quality listing websites, such as Listcrawler and its many iterations. PD simply walks below the radar.

But yes, it might be much more comfortable for you as a non-American user to use some other network for the time being. But if they finally manage to include the other continents, their dwellers will be in for a great ride.

Let’s see how the usual experience goes for clients and providers.

Client experience

The clients are basically everyone who browse through the escort services and look at the ads left by the providers. Oh, all escort services still rely on posts or ads to let providers promote their services across the website. On Only Fans, these posts are still part of the search algorithm.

Take Experience On Only Fans
Experience Like A Client

But let’s start. Once you’ve visited the website with the intention to just look what other people have to offer, you’re a technically a client, but not yet factually.

Creating an account

Unlike other escort services, PD demands that you sign up before browsing. Places like Bedpage or MegaPersonals don’t really have that. You can enter the website as a simple gaper, and you won’t even have to submit any data before looking at the advertisements providers left with all the data necessary to contact them.

It’s not very safe, but it’s potentially very lucrative for the providers, because you get a very heavily visited website and just don’t ask people to sign up first. That’s how you get tons of clients. The other side of the coin is, of course, that these people can be annoying and not very inclined to pay you.

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Account Improvement

On Only Fans, you will have to sign up first. You’ll have to create an account with all the required personal information, and then also verify your age. Legally, only 21+ users can view this sort of content, and PD is very strict about enforcing it.

You’ll simply have to make up a login, password, your name, your phone number and so forth. Also get ready to submit some identification, because they aren’t going to believe you are of age unless you prove it.


What you’re going to be searching for are advertisements (aka posts) left by the providers in your area. There are generally two ways you can approach this.

  1. You can simply click on the ‘Location’ button in top right and select one of the many primary locations they have to offer. They are generally popular cities, but the selection is not limited to that. If there is your city, click on it and go through a feed of latest posts
Search Through OnlyFans For The Best Model
Search Through OnlyFans

The same thing can be done if you simply scroll down to the very bottom and pick ‘Locations’ in the footer of any page. There, you’ll find the whole array of locations they have to offer, not just the popular ones

  1. Reach the search menu and attempt a more detailed search. 

At the bottom of the front page, you’ll find an extensive search menu. It’s only accessible in full if you are signed up, so you should do that and then go see what they have to offer. And it’s actually a much more detailed search menu than many basic escort services have.

The services usually only sort by your location and perhaps what sort of service you offer. Here, you can do that, naturally, but also put in several deeper parameters. Generally, you’ll still just search by location and service, but it’s more in-depth.

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Beautiful Hair OnlyFans

That’s what you get, in terms of major parameters:

  1. Location
  1. Country (Canada/USA)
  2. State/Province
  3. City/Agglomeration
  4. Distance from city
  5. Service
  1. General direction (BDSM/escort/massage)
  2. Serviceable users (couples/m4m/w4m/etc.)

It doesn’t look that impressive, but it will actually allow you to cover most of the aspects associated with this business. They could add more naturally (such as payment methods, payment range, working hours), but it would force them to be more demanding of providers, and that’s not accepted in this line of business.

There are more minor settings, and you’ll be able to search with more parameters, but this stuff above is all you need to know about the subject for now.

Picking your match

Once you’ve created an account, made your preferences known and set the search algorithm in motion, you’ll just have to wait a few moments until you’re given a list of matches that, well, match your preferences.

You’ll just have to manually slog through them. Each post will mention a few things about the service offered by this particular provider, but you’ll also be able to proceed to the profile itself and examine it carefully.

Matching On OnlyFans
Matching OnlyFans

On both the post and the profile, you’ll find a few interesting details, such as what services they offer, how long they’ve been on the website, as well as their e-mail address and the phone number. That’s mostly how you contact people here – the old-fashioned method. There is largely no messaging system on the website.

Contacting the match

Anyhow, once you’ve examined the photos available in the profile and the post, settled on the choice and finally decided to contact the person, you’ll have to either call or message them. Messaging is preferable because you’ll be able to negotiate the terms for much longer (it is a business offer, after all).

It’s also advisable to message people (either on their phone or simply mail them if they mentioned their address) because you can never know if the person is a scammer. If they are, you’ll be able to notify the staff and they’ll be blocked. Simple.

Match On OnlyFans
Contact The Match

But really – past that point, everything you do is up to you. You can negotiate the payment methods, the pay itself, and actually everything. Just don’t give people your credit card info or full payment until they’ve actually done anything.

Provider experience

For a provider, the usual Only Fans routine is rather similar, actually.

On similar platforms, the providers are usually very much demanded to create accounts. They aren’t very well monitored, and it’s not uncommon to find a scammer or a fake account. They are steadily removed and blocked everywhere, but because you often don’t have to verify your account or submit too much data, scammers aren’t scarce.

Provider Hookup Experience
Experience Like A Provider

Creating an account

On PD, you also have to create an account, although it’s rather stricter than that. You’ll have to submit your personal information, similarly to what clients do, and verify your person – mostly to make sure you’re real and that you’re over 21. They don’t allow you to post anything if you aren’t of age.

Once you’ve created account, you’ll be welcome to fill out your profile. That’s where most people will see what you offer, besides your posts.

Filling out the profile

Profiles are actually not common in this business, it’s usually just ads with providers’ faces on them and some description telling people what they can do and what their terms are.

On PD, profiles are a lot like your average social network pages. You get a main picture, and a name. You’re free to add your e-mail address if you want, but the phone number is not an option – you have to add it. So, it might be prudent to have a work phone if you don’t have one yet.

You can also fill out the description, where you operate and what your services are. This’ll help people figure out whether to contact you or not.

Managing reviews

Reviews are a big part of this website. Every provider has their own rating, and clients can influence it by leaving reviews about you. The text on the reviews is also important (although not for you).

Review Manage
Hookup Reviews

People who leave detailed, justified reviews in a good and level-headed manner will receive a pass to contact providers with exceptionally good reputation. So it’s actually beneficial to be active on the platform as a client.

Creating posts

Posts are almost like the posts you’d publish on Facebook, although you can only do one in some time, and you’ll be able to specify the stuff people will use in the sorting system to find you (i.e., your services and location).

These same services can be listed in your profile to let people know what you do, but they won’t really affect the way you’ll appear in the feed.

Creating Posts OnlyFans
Getting Ready To Post Creating

Consider leaving detailed and comprehensive posts so that people could contact you right away. But also make sure you understand what all of these imply. If you specify that you’ll be able to travel 100 km for the service, people who want you to come to their place far away from the city itself will use that against you.


Only Fans is generally very comfortable both for clients and providers. They take care of most of the usual issues the escort services have, such as excessive scamming and basic search systems. It’s a much more convenient way of looking for the company overnight.

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OnlyFans Summary

In addition, the website looks better than most similar escort services, which might be a small upside, but if you look at most listing platforms, like Bedpage, you’ll see just how outdated they are compared to PD.